About Us

“Atmavalokana” is an online platform for assisting individuals to avail expert advice and service on various aspects of spirituality and astrology. This is our new initiative to nurture a neutral and robust knowledge sharing platform to connect individuals interested in spirituality in order to be a major catalyst in realizing the mission of “individuals search for ultimate or sacred meaning and purpose in life.

Individuals can avail this unique professional consulting platform to get best services from an array of choices available through the platform. The services include Healing , Meditation, Astrology consultation  and various other spiritual consultations.


Scope of the website:

Scope is to spread spirituality through universal energy(reiki) and to get rid of cloud of thoughts which has covered the self of the people and also to increase awareness of the people about spirituality and to give clear picture on the path to traverse

Objective of the website:

“To give clear picture of spirituality”

” How it is differing from the religion

“Explaining reiki (universal energy) and learning the art of using it. “

” To introduce Meditation techniques

” To introspect the person based on the understanding of their self “

“To give distance healing as per the reiki method. “