Mind is non existential in nature, it has to work under your supervision, because of unconsciousness and the modern life style, it has become the master.

Mind is like a super computer with artificial intelligence which is always processing what it sees, what it hears, feeds on thoughts (mind chattering), every second it needs something new like news feed, reels on Instagram, Facebook feed, music, hanging out with someone and at-least fan sound. You will be addicted to all the things and you will not be able to stay in silence without anybody around you, which is the major cause for serious mental illness, every decision will be taken by the mind (artificially), it will be based on the pattern already you are following without self-awareness.


The mind will create a pattern in which you will react not respond without consciousness, this pattern is due to the society where u have been brought up, sometimes even a movie characters’ response to a situation will become the pattern unconsciously without your knowledge that is because of your sub conscious mind which records all the happening around you, so you keep on reacting as when someone act in particular pattern. These pattern need to be rectified, every act of a person should be done consciously and he should be self-aware.

Mind will become the master of your body, all your reactions will be based on the pattern without your permission. You will not be in the conscious state to respond. Consciousness and self-awareness is the key to bring the mind under your control. Start meditation to become self-aware.

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