Every atom in the universe is in motion, they rotate and vibrate. The vibration directly relates to the energy, higher the vibration, more the energy can be accumulated. In order to vibrate high certain behavior or character changes is required

  • Accept everything -Let go of anger
  • observe the thoughts-Let go of worry
  • Remove the pattern-Let go of stress
  • Love thyself-Love all the living creature on the planet
  • Having humanity and not hurting any creature
  • Gratitude- Thank full for the existence for whatever we are and whatever we have.
  • The most important one being in present and being conscious all the time, even in your sleep.
  • Observing the thoughts and let them pass over the mind but don’t recognize you with it.

The mind will not accept your command in certain time, when your vibration is low but when certain energy has been transferred to you, the mind will get disturbed and it can’t sustain the energy and you start acting out of control mode. You will see in case of some people acting as they got some spirit on them.

Second one is most of the times many will observe this, vibration is high and the energy will be very less, when you not eaten anything, your behavior will change and you will get angry in every situation and it is same in case of alcohol, which will reduce your energy as well as makes you unconscious, anything which makes you unconscious to be restricted, because they will reduce your energy to lower level.

When the energy is low your mind will be out of the system and can do some damages to your relationships or the surrounding.

The best thing when there is a mismatch you should observe and go to some silent place and sit alone for some time. Energy will be balanced in sometime. Being alone is important otherwise you may end up with argument with your beloved one and completely destroying the relationship.

Sleeping will bring energy vibration balance, that is the reason you feel serene, calm every morning when you wake up.

Practice meditation you will see everything everyone in energy-vibration.

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