According to Buddha, the basic cause of suffering is “the attachment to the desire to have (craving) and the desire not to have (aversion)”.

All of us have desires and cravings. Since we cannot satisfy ALL our desires and cravings, we get disturbed and angry, which is but another manifestation of suffering.

The same holds good for people who are over ambitious and seek too much. As they achieve what they desire, they get lustful and want more of it. And so the vicious circle continues.

In modern society, young generation is too much attached with gadgets, their loved ones, properties and more with money. With the increase of sophistication and economic wellbeing of the general public, attachment to outward world has increased neglecting the inner atmosphere.

In spirituality, the major objective is to remove attachments, it may be mobile, money, relationship or property. The mind has been tuned to see all above things has very essential for the existence. These attachments bring sorrow, when they don’t go according to your expectation.

When you love someone, you expect from that person based on already defined pattern, that pattern may be based on a movie which you have fantasized sub consciously or the characteristics of your father/mother, if that person acts differently than the mind create anxiety, sadness and stress will be built up. The other person’s act is solely based on his perspective towards life based upon his upcoming environment. Your mind without your decision expects him to follow your pattern. Basic requirement when you love someone is letting go of them to live as they want and accepting how they are. Because of the attachment this will not happen.

Attachment can be on money and property, first thing that everyone has to know is we are not the body, the self has picked this body to live and experience the world, this is the heaven but we have made it hell because of the attachment towards materialistic world and we live like we won’t let this body goes back to mother earth, we strive hard to gain monetary and properties in this finite world thinking this body is infinite. Only the self is infinite and its purpose is to enjoy the experience of the stay here, if you understand this letting go will make you happy than attaching to something which will not come with you.

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