Spiritual Journey has the following three steps, when the divine energy wants you to go through the inner quest to attain stillness.

1. Correct your intension (Follow Dhamma)

2. Cleanse your body and mind

3. Cleanse your energies

Correct your intension (Follow Dhamma):

In spiritual journey always start with your intension, if u set your intension right and start your process then it is easy for you to feel the energy and gaining higher spiritual growth. What actually intension means the question of why you want to go on spiritual path. No one by his choice will select the path, path actually select you, once you are selected better to have right intension.

Spirituality can be used for personal gain, solving personal problem, education, health, wealth etc. But these intensions on personal gain will not take you on the journey to reach the destination. Its only give personal gratification for a limited period of time. It may solve your health problem, stops anxiety, anger and After that you don’t have any motive to continue or your wants may not end and that starts creating problem. When everything ceases within you and you start accepting all the things happening to you, your intensions got cleaned.

In order to realize the energies, your intension to be clean.

Cleanse your body and mind: Body is a gift of the infinite for experiencing the world, humans have thought that body as themselves and stuffed it with the junk. In order experience the world, healthy body is essential. Without body who are not able to experience. Avoid junk food, avoid excessive sleep, wake up early in the morning, avoid sleeping during daylight, have healthy diet, avoid alcohol, avoid non-vegetarian food as much as possible, do physical exercise and accept as it is.

When you consume more food especially non-vegetarian food, your bodies whole energy will go for digestion of food and meditation with all the junks inside will be difficult as you may feel uneasy for sitting for long time.

Yoga-asana will be helpful for maintaining a healthy body and skip mid-day meal whenever possible. This will form the basis and body will be controlled by the self otherwise for minds gratification, all the junk and body effecting pattern will be get into the body. Beginning it will be difficult as the time passes, it will become a hobby.

 Habits: (Trekking, swimming, badminton, meditation, reiki and teaching.) Have habits for your physical and mental health. To increase your concentration and living with it. Mind always wants new people, thought, things, house, car etc. When you are with one habit, it wants to change, if u keep on doing the same thing in joy after somedays it will accept it.

Cleanse Your Energies:

All our acts like speaking, sleeping, physical exercises etc. All these will be transferred to others in the form of energy, when your mind has come to certain calmness then you can relate all your activities with energy exchange.

When someone ask you to go for a movie and then you accept, it is as good as accepting the energy. If the same person didn’t want to come and reject your offer and you accept it, it is also clean flow of energy.

When there is no acceptance, then the energy will be blocked, you have stopped the flow of energy, now the pressure has been built up and pressure leads to physical tension and stress.

When we start to see every action of us in the form of energy then blockages can be eliminated and clear flow of energy will lead to happy life.

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