In order to have a happy life, first you have to define what happiness is for you. Remember, when you define, it should be in sync with being self-conscious, self-awareness, not being greedy and jealous, not hurting other living creature and working honestly. After you define the happiness, now check your current situation is the things you define is already there in your life or not. Most of the time, existence has already given you all the required. It’s the mind which is in search of future has destroyed your present situation, it tells you will get happiness after you get something. The something list goes on and it is never ending, so you will never find the happiness.

Always remember the happiness is in the journey not the destination. If you think you will be happy after constructing a big home, getting brand new car, after getting the dream job or after marrying. You are postponing the happiness to future which will never come.

Be thankful to the universe for all the kind, we have received and Accept the present moment to be happy.

Defining happiness:

  • Is having a house like the one which your friend has is happiness?
  • Having party every evening or in the weekend is happiness?
  • Having a dinner in a three star or five-star hotel is happiness?
  • Going for a long drive or out of country in find of beautiful places is happiness?
  • Finding the stillness within yourself is happiness?
  • Buying gold or diamond jewelry is happiness?
  • Having healthy diet, living in a small house, meditating and exercising daily is happiness?
  • Having large extent of land holding for the future of future generation?
  • Building an enterprise and listing the company in the stock market is happiness?

Try to answer the question to yourself. If you still want something, try to work hard towards it but be in present. Simply don’t postpone the happiness till you get what you need. BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE.

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