• Mindfulness is being attentive while doing any task or even when you are still or in other words, it is watching or observing what you do.
  • Mindlessness: After driving a car for many years, the driver will become artificial intelligence machines, he drives the car like a robot without application of mind. This is called mindlessness.
  • When a person tries to be mindful on the task he is doing every day, he will not do it with the ease he does every day.
  • when you suddenly try to drive a car with complete attention, you will find it difficult to drive the car because all these days you were driving without the mind or mind wandering on sea of thoughts.
  • Is it good to become that much attentive while doing the task? Answer is No.
  • In spirituality, being at present is the prime thing, being attentive may lead to disrupt in the mechanical function of the body. Instead you should just observe the task done by your body. You Must be a mute spectator. Remember you are not the body.
  • Being mindful or mindless can be dangerous, observing the task is the best way to deal with every task.
  • While being mindless, the person will be full of thoughts and suddenly something in the way or something happens on the road then the persons reacts in anxiety and the possible outcome varies based on the situation, when he is observing the body while driving he can respond to the situation with the calm self.
  • Even being mindful or being more attentive or overthinking while doing the task can be less productive and in some cases, it can be counter-productive.
  • Focusing too carefully on the execution of well-practiced motor sequence can cause mistakes. That doesn’t mean, we should resign to go through life on autopilot, missing opportunities to make deeper connections with ourselves and our environment. Overthinking, being more attentive can lead to disaster, better to observe the thoughts and the functions that is being done at the moment. 

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